1/2 Milla Aguadilla P.R 2015

Posted by JPR Motorwerke on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

JPR is a full service facility for all routine maintenance, major service, instalments and perfomance uprades. Additionally here are other services provided:
* A/C service and problems
* Complete suspention and tire service
* Engine and transmission repair
* Vehicle pre-purchase inspection
* Speciality performance and racing kits and packages instalation, programing and dyno tunning.

Customer service

We believe that our personalize and honest customer service is one of our advantages. Being a relatively small shop allows us to provide the time and attention to achieve service of excelence towards our customers. Our service employees always bestow honest and professional communication.

JPR will continously offer you and your vehicle the best service, at a timely fashion at a judious and competitive price.